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What is acceleraze

From the idea to the method

It was about five thousand years ago that the first signs of human sporting activities appeared in ancient Egypt. At about the same time, music was developing in China and India and both became an integral part of human culture in the course of history.

Today we cannot imagine life without either of these things. Although sports as well as music have always provided people with pleasure and entertainment, we usually regard these two areas as completely separate from each other.

Acceleraze has created techniques to improve athletic performance

These techniques, originally developed to achieve stability and security for musicians (in order to play the piano or trumpet, physical effort is also required!) have been in use for many years and have been proven to be 100% effective with musicians. We have adapted these techniques and applied them to sports: with incredible results!

They are not physical exercises, but patterns of thinking applied during athletic activity. We call these patterns „accelerazors.“ Accelerazors are specifically designed techniques to achieve distinct tasks and goals in sports. There are dozens of accelerazors and they should be used only after a precise analysis of an athlete and his/her requirements. You can never be physically injured by an improperly used accelerazor but your performance can definitely be reduced. Therefore: always apply them under the supervision of an acceleraze coach!

Acceleraze is not a new diet, supplement or training approach that requires weeks or months of practice but a mental technique that can be learned within hours at our acceleraze seminars. Under the supervision of acceleraze creator Univ.Prof. Chia Chou, you will be able to attain an unprecedented performance immediately!

More About Us

“Acceleraze is developed by people of different disciplines: music, sports, strategy, communication, organization. Created originally by Univ.Prof. Chia Chou for musicians, the acceleraze method can fully unfold its potential in sports”

Our Team
Chia Chou (Mastermind, Trainer, Coach)

Chia Chou (Mastermind, Trainer, Coach)

Concert pianist, Chia Chou grew up with classical music and has been training successful professional musicians for more than 10 years. Now he makes his method available to athletes. And is constantly creating new accelerazors.

Mark Gattermann (Managing Director, Coach)

Mark Gattermann (Managing Director, Coach)

Growing up in a sports-oriented family, Mark was born with a passion for sports. As a co-founder of acceleraze, he would like to make this revolutionary method accessible to all athletes.

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