the music-mental revolution.

..and you thought you ran with your legs.
Acceleraze enables you to reach your athletic goals faster and with less effort, using cutting-edge mental patterns. A world first, originally developed by Prof. Chia Chou for classical musicians, these techniques have now been adapted to help athletes achieve their maximum performance.

Italienische Damennationalmannschaft

Acceleraze gibt den letzten Feinschliff für die neue Saison!

Alessandro Pittin vertraut auf acceleraze

gemeinsames Training mit dem Italienischen Olympiamedailengewinner Alessandro Pittin.....

Christoph Strasser starts accelerazing!

Christoph Strasser ist neugierig und sieht großes Potential im Ansatz von acceleraze!


We are developing our acceleraze methods together with ski-jumpers, triathletes, tennis players, personal trainers, amateurs and runners at all levels. The results are amazing, sustainable and in all cases, positive.

questions & contact

We look forward to answering your questions about acceleraze! You can contact Univ.Prof. Chia Chou directly: