Acceleraze trains Italian Women’s Ski Jumping National Team!

By Saturday November 5th, 2016 News, Top-News

The Italian women’s team with trainer Janko Zwitter gets the final tweaks for the 2016/2017 season start.

The acceleraze team was engaged for this training session and was briefed by the trainer team about the desired objectives.

After a brief consultation with the jumpers and following the observation of several reference jumps, individual “accelerazors” were developed for Elena Runggaldier, Lara Malsiner and Manuela Malsiner.


Acceleraze at work

Acceleraze at work



Trainerteam, Nationaltrainer Janko Zwitter (r.)



Development of methods for Elena Runggaldier

The SPECIFICALLY developed methods were applied and implemented by the jumpers in the following jumps.

With sensational results! All the goals set by the coaching team were achieved and acceleraze was again able to prove the effectiveness of their methods.

Elena Runggaldier

Done!! A happy Elena Runggaldier after a successful jump.

Even the extremely satisfied athletes were surprised by the speedy optimization and can now start confidently and perfectly prepared for the new winter season.

Elena Runggaldier: “… this makes ski jumping fun again!”

The acceleraze team wishes Elena, Lara and Manuela a lot of success for the coming season!

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