Alessandro Pittin relies on “acceleraze” method

By Monday October 31st, 2016 News, Top-News

Alessandro Pittin, Italian Olympic medalist in the Nordic Combined, trained with national coach Janko Zwitter and the acceleraze team in Planica (Slovenia).

Sports Arena Planica (SLO)

Janko Zwitter’s request to the acceleraze team was to stabilize Alessandro Pittin’s jumping technique and to optimize his timing at the take-off.

In a discussion with both, jumper and trainer, the exact requirements were defined, so that the individually adapted “acceleraze” method could achieve the desired goal.


Chia Chou with coach Janko Zwitter

After the joint analysis of the reference jumps with coach Janko Zwitter, the essentials parameters for the acceleraze team were defined.

The “accelerazor” developed by Chia Chou was first presented to Alessandro Pittin and practised in “dry runs”. After having fully grasped the technique, Alessandro implemented the method in his next jump.

The result was more than overwhelming for Janko Zwitter. All the set goals were completely fulfilled. And achieved within one day.



Mark Gattermann / Alessandro Pittin / Chia Chou

Mark Gattermann / Alessandro Pittin / Chia Chou

We at the acceleraze team were very satisfied with the results and are looking forward to a further collaboration with the Italian national team.

Acceleraze – the music mental revolution !

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