Bernadette Schuster trains with acceleraze

By Sunday November 27th, 2016 News

Austria’s Number 1 female runner – Bernadette Schuster – gets support from acceleraze to bring new aspects into her training and to help her reach her set goals for 2017.

dsc_0210running analysis

dsc_0332Let´s acceleraze!

dsc_0276exchange of experience

The individual “accelerazor” developed for Bernadette Schuster showed immediate effect. Bernadette was impressed by its rapid implementation and effectiveness.


Bernadette Schuster: “Hello! After years of  training, following a strict plan, I am very happy to find new ways and possibilities to develop further. Since I have never really worked on myself mentally, I am very happy to be able to work with the acceleraze method. I’m very enthusiastic that using a truly simple method, running with rhythm and tact, I immediately got a different running feeling and without noticing, was able to run faster with less effort! I thank Chia and Mark for the great opportunity to take my running to a new level! “

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