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Christoph Strasser starts accelerazing!

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Christoph Strasser is constantly striving for improvements in cycling – especially in the mental area. He sees great potential in the acceleraze approach, as he has already worked with music in his races so far. Wouldn’t it be natural to apply mental techniques developed directly out of music? A major goal of Christoph in 2016 is the 24-hour world record on the track. In the eternal partnership of steep curves and straight lines, two factors are decisive: flow and precision in the line. This is the main focus of our collaboration and we are very pleased to be able to accompany Christoph with this task!

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Acceleraze has to prove itself

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An early investor expressed interest in accerleraze but asked for proof that acceleraze actually works. He wanted an expert assessment and that is why I yesterday met Stefan Arvey, former Austrian triathlon champion and founder of at the Sport University Graz. Read More