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acceleraze is born!

Mark and I had met the Romans run. A week later we met in Graz on Murweg. There are many people running along the river and the track is obviously popular with many citizens of Graz and running. We had agreed only to use a test distance of 1 km away.

Mark is then easily equipped with GPS Running Watch included modules, go running and I went on the bike on the side. I was amazed how much pressure I had to pay to keep up with him, he was so fast. And since I do not understand anything from walking, I focused exclusively on the sound that have generated his feet while running. And since I have heard a lot because of my “Musicians ears”. I particularly noticed that the “Aufsetzgeräusche” were quite unevenly his feet.

After Mark had run the first kilometer, I have given him my skills as a musician, advice on how he could make his feet more evenly the “Aufsetzgeräusche”. I have presented shows him a thought pattern that I would also give my music students when they play a position in the music uneven. We have a long story short, less practiced than a minute, and then Mark is again running back one kilometer. Besides driving, I heard loud and clear that the “Aufsetzgeräusche” were much more balanced and thought his style of running is much more “round” than before.

Come across the goal, he looked at his watch and said just:
“Was 18 seconds faster.” At that moment acceleraze was born.