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On the way to Olympia TOKIO 2020 // Lukas Weißhaidinger enthuses about the “acceleraze” method

Austria’s athletics figurehead No.1; Lukas Weißhaidinger – Olympia 6th in Rio in discus throw; entrusted acceleraze to stabilize and improve his technique.

In coordination with his trainer, Gregor Högler, a joint training was completed in which the acceleraze method was integrated into the highly complex movement sequence of the discus throw.

With remarkable results like Lukas Weißhaidinger afterwards informs: “... with this newly integrated method I get more stability in the process and know now also exactly where my discus is! “

Motion analysis with coach Högler
Integration of accelerazors

Coach Gregor Högler was also more than satisfied with the results – which is another sign of how effective the specially developed methods in more than 8 sports are!